Corporate Apparel ACC

Another Clothing Concept AB

Since 1988, .Another Clothing Concept AB (ACC), has been manufacturing and delivering high-quality corporate apparel to companies in various lines of business, from service and tourism to heavy industry, We run major projects in both Sweden and abroad, where over the years we have engaged several sought-after designers, manufacturers and distributors.

Our success is based on a holistic approach that puts the customer’s desires in a concrete form and results in well-designed collections of workwear and branded apparel. We are an owner-managed company that delivers what we promise and loves what we do. We employ people with a personal touch, who are committed, attentive and have the right competence at all levels.

With more than 30 years’ experience behind us, we know what we are talking about.

We know corporate apparel!

Knowledge. Sustainability. Trust.

Our greatest assets are our knowledge and our way of addressing customers and business partners. We want to maintain the trust shown to us by our customers in the best way possible, and our objective is to exceed their expectations of us. This leads to long-term, rewarding customer relationships, where we and the customer work more together as a team than as a customer and supplier.

Keeping Track of the Entire Chain

Our success in Sweden and abroad is founded on a holistic mindset. We have a close and personal relationship with the suppliers we use for deliveries to our customers. This enables us to keep 100% track of current capacity, prices and delivery times. Predicated upon good project management and loyalty to our customers, we create good content in everything we deliver. We have a well-proven work process and tools for analysing every project. We can quickly identify the customer’s needs, ensure short delivery times and act quickly and efficiently to accommodate all the needs and wants our customers can be thought to have such as, e.g. “always having the product on the shelf”.


ACC’s set of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values is based on making sure that all our business contacts develop and manufacture workwear that lives up to high ethical, moral and environmental requirements.