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For 30 years, we have been making companies unique, yet equal. Let us present some of our successful projects in the area of branded apparel.

Long-term Customer Relationships

We create unique branded apparel with a focus on the individual customer

For us, the customer is always in focus. Together we build open and long-term relationships. Our customers have a lot of trust in us when it comes to branded apparel, and we live with them throughout the entire process, from idea to design, production and distribution. Our primary goal is sustainability in everything we do. We make an effort to understand what the customer wants long before the actual need arises. With open minds and immense creativity, we help customers realise their ideas and accommodate their needs. With a major focus on a high service and delivery level and by maintaining the high quality of the products we deliver, we can proudly claim that we keep our promises to our customers from the very first time we meet.

Branded Apparel MTR


MTR Nordic Group’s (MTR) job is to operate, plan and maintain the metro and commuter train services in Stockholm. These means of transportation are used for some 1.5 million trips daily, and made possible thanks to the efforts of some 5,300 MTR employees.

ACC is responsible for production, warehousing and delivery of all uniforms and branded apparel to MTR’s metro and commuter train employees. The collection consists of some 200 items developed for the challenges all these work roles are confronted with. MTR employees can themselves order new items, whenever they need them, using a webshop especially designed for MTR and have them smoothly delivered to a pick-up place of their own choosing.

Branded Apparel Thomas Cook

Nordic Leisure Travel Group

Thomas Cook Northern Europe has changed its name to Nordic Leisure Travel Group.

For 10 years, ACC has designed and produced all personal wear for the hotel concepts operated by NLTG: Sunwing, Sunprime and Ocean Beach Club O.B.C.

The collections comprise some 120 items that are delivered directly to the total of 30 hotels within the Group.

Branded Apparel Dollarstore


Dollarstore is Sweden’s fastest growing low price chain. Today, it has 93 stores and around 1,000 employees around Sweden, all of which are part of the chain’s profile.

ACC designs, manufactures, warehouses and distributes branded apparel to Dollarstore’s employees, where orders are made directly through a custom-built webshop.

Branded Apparel Bad & Värme

Bad & värme

Bad & Värme is a chain of more than 1,000 certified plumbers and 95 shops all over Sweden.

ACC designs and manufactures a collection of branded apparel for the chain, which builds a clear and modern brand at the shops, as well as for individual plumbers when they meet customers.

Branded Apparel Dollarstore


Movies are the best in cinema!

ACC designs, produces, stores and distributes the clothes to Filmstadens 35 cinemas and 1,100 employees in Sweden.